Rules & Regulations of the Association

The use of Galway Lake is limited to members of the GLCA in good standing and their guests.

– Hunting and Trapping are forbidden at all times.

– Fishing is forbidden during the months of December, January, February, and March.

– Shooting from or into the water by any person is forbidden at all times.

– No gasoline, diesel, or internal combustion engines are allowed on the lake at any time.

– The total horsepower of any other battery-powered watercraft must not exceed three (3) horsepower. This extends the current restriction on the use of any gasoline, diesel or internal combustion engines on Galway Lake. Airboats and generators aboard electric watercraft are prohibited under this restriction.

– No septic runoff is permitted into the lake.

– No discharge of Greywater is permitted into the lake. (Greywater is non-industrial wastewater generated from domestic processes such as washing dishes, laundry, and bathing.)

– The bathing of humans and animals in the lake with soap or detergent is prohibited.

– The GLCA discourages the use of fertilizer around the lake and does not permit fertilizer runoff into the lake.

– Wash (preferably pressure wash) any boat(s) and/or trailer(s) which have been in any other waters prior to launching them into Galway Lake.

– No fill shall be deposited on the lakebed, and no permanent structures shall be placed on the lakebed. Members of the GLCA in good standing are granted the right of ingress and egress across Association property and may erect and use non-permanent (removable) structures such as docks, floats, ramps, and boat lifts.

– The GLCA can not support the use of fireworks on or around the lake, as it is illegal “to possess, use, explode, or cause to explode fireworks in the State of New York,” unless you have a license to do so. New York State Penal Law, Section #270.

– We all value the peace and quiet of Galway Lake, so please be considerate of your neighbors while preserving this special place.